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The scissor sisters

By April 29, 2007monkeys

Zoe and Lucy’s scissors disappeared recently, and despite many thorough cleanings of most areas in our house where they might be, we can’t find them.

So I want to get them those scissors right there. Cute cute cute. Plus, ambidextrous! ‘Cause Lucy’s a lefty.

Counter-intuitive though it may sound, I need to get two of the same. Otherwise, the girls will impose some arbitrary hierarchy and will end up fighting over one pair while the others sit unused, laughing at me for once again falling prey to my desire to have some variation in our lives.

I love the ones with feet. I guess maybe I’m leaning toward the frogs. What do you think?

(Update: Zoe and Lucy walked over while I was writing this and both declared their love for the ladybugs. So, ladybugs it is. Everyone approve?)

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