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A lesson in giving

By May 7, 2007sites to see

Does everyone remember that awesome gig I had guest blogging over at Design Mom a few months ago? Well, it’s time for you to trip on over there again, but this time there might be something in it for you.

Design Mom is hosting a Giveaway-a-Day this week and it’s not too late to get in on the first two. Just leave a comment by midnight tonight and you’ll have a chance to win some rad mom goods. No cute onesies. No manly-man gadgets. No wooden toys. Just cool stuff to make you feel like a hot chick in a skirt.

If you miss tonight’s deadline (thanks to my tardy alert), don’t worry — there will be another tomorrow. And another the day after that. And after that. And after that!

And what a lesson in parenting Gabrielle is giving us along the way. Here she is with this uproariously popular blog (at last count one of her posts has over 500 comments) and lots of bloggy power. Companies large and small are clamoring for her attention. She could be sitting up there at her perch on top of the jungle gym, gloating and making a killing on advertising. But what does she do with all the attention she gets? She uses magic Design Mom alchemy to transform it into free stuff for her readers.

Like a sweet mama bird. Bringing us juicy wriggly spring worms.

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