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Bienvenue a la neige!

By February 1, 2007November 12th, 2016moving, photos

Remember the sand angels from a week ago? Ha ha, laugh no more!

Today, the girls built their first ever snowman snow princess!

Pay no attention to all the grass you see underfoot. I promise there was snow there (almost 2 inches they say!) an hour before this picture was taken, before it started raining. So please, in your mind, pretend we just laid out an astroturf mat to help the girls acclimate to this strange foreign substance.

While we were getting them dressed (because 4-yr-olds headed out to play in the first snow of the year do not dress themselves. Oh no. They “are dressed” by their parents. In precautionary layers. As though they live in Qeqertarsuatsiaat, Greenland and are in danger of spontaneous freezustion if they are not appropriately attired), Lucy, having chosen the shirt she wanted to wear (not the turtleneck I wanted her to wear, mind you. Choose your battles, choose your battles, repeat…) struts into her closet only to re-emerge three seconds later holding a blue-jean mini skirt. I did manage to talk her out of that one — and a good thing too, since it was raining the whole time we were outside. And also because she did opt to make a snow plane angel.

Then Bob started launching loose-packed snowballs at Zoe, who defended herself the way any good future Rockette would do:

Meanwhile, Lucy sampled some of the local comestibles.

Finally, a good old fashioned snowball fight, Zoe & Lucy vs. Bob:

And then we all went inside, stripped down to our unmentionables, and had snow cream and hot cocoa by the instant-lighting gas fireplace.

All in all, a lurvely day.

++ ++ ++

Now, an open letter to the roads of Charlotte, NC:

Dear Roads,

Hey, how’s it goin? Some snow we had today, eh? It sure was fun not driving anywhere or leaving our houses. I bet you really enjoyed the break. Did you sleep in? Stay in your pajamas all day? Make a mix tape?

Anyway, I have a request. Do you have a minute?

Please don’t become sheets of ice tonight. I don’t have enough liquor in my house to host a playdate tomorrow, so it would be so great if the girls could go back to school. I mean, I know the city of Charlotte doesn’t have enough sand or salt to cover all of you, or enough plows to clear you. And since no-one here knows how to drive on you when you’re like this, they’ll just cancel school again. And it’s Friday, which means then it’s the weekend. And that’s no way to start off a good February.

So think about it. If I can bring you anything — tea, alumnium foil, jacuzzi, please let me know.


Your pal,
The Upside Up

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