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Birthday Suits

By August 20, 2006monkeys

Hey! Zoe and Lucy turned four yesterday! Four! That’s years people. Four years old. Like, the length of a seemingly endless presidential term. Or the presumed duration of college.

One day they’re babies. Like this:

The next day, they’re old. Like this:

Zoe and Lucy, thank you for making these past four years more fun than any presidential term and more sleepless than college. I love who you are growing up to be: voracious in your quest to understand the world, astounding in your ability to surprise me anew every day. You are funny, loving, unique and totally, completely insane. It is said that hallucinogens tap into hitherto unused areas of your brain, seemingly awakening it to worlds it was previously unaware of*. Lucy and Zoe, you have had a similar effect on my heart. It seems there’s a world of emotions (both high and low) of which I was previously unaware. How did I fall into this world, and how can I arrange to stay here, with you, forever? I am grateful to you for allowing me entree, and I am hopeful that we have a million more years together. These four have been remarkable beyond belief.

Love, Mama

*(Not that I would know anything firsthand about hallucinogens. Hi Mom! Dad!)
*(Also, apologies to anyone I have offended with my sentence-ending preposition. It’s an already clunky sentence that became offensively wonky when written correctly.)

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  • Susie says:

    Okay, I wasn’t planning on crying into my coffee this morning but most moms are used to unexpected crying jags. That was very beautiful Laurie, thanks for putting into words how we all feel. Tomorrow I’m sending my first “baby” off to first grade !!!! my second “baby” will be joining him at big boy school, and who I thought was my actual baby is somehow turning two in a couple weeks.

  • They are cute cute cute!

  • Erin MJ says:

    Happy Birthday, Zoe and Lucy!

    Hmmm… I still remember my fourth birthday. So watch out, Laurie, you’re reaching the age where they will be able to remember the things that you say to them now when they’re in highschool! 😉

  • Paula Reckson says:

    Good warning from Erin 🙂 I loved what you said about the
    world of emotions, high and low. Not to worry, it will
    continue into their adulthood. As your dad passed on to
    Charlie and I years ago, you’re only as happy as your least
    happy child ( or adult offspring). But it’s those highs that
    make it all worth it! Happy birthday to Zoe and Lucy – I
    love that age!!

  • Ashley says:

    The hair! The cuteness! Ah!

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