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Two Lucy stories

By monkeysOne Comment

#1 Lucy is sitting at the dinner table. She has brought with her to the table a wooden articulated Crocodile toy that she calls Crocka (and Zoe calls Alli, because really, who knows the freakin difference?). Rather than eat, Lucy is petting her crocodile and cooing to it. “Oh Crocka. Oh Crocka.” Then she picks it up and cradles it against her face. “Oh Crocka. You’re so crocky!” . . . . . . . . . . #2 Lucy comes running up to us at the park. She’s holding a palm-sized, brown, muddy rock out for me to see….

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Diaper Free since 2006

By monkeys

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hallelujah! Ten months after Zoe and Lucy officially potty trained themselves, the Upside Up is officially Done. With. Diapers. (Attn: With that announcement made, I want to offer any of you non-parents or you very normal people-who-don’t-like-talking-about-poop the chance to stop reading and go do something more productive right now.) All went smoothly back last March/April when the girls spontaneously renounced diapers one week. Few accidents, lots of exploring of the assorted Bathrooms of Durham (and the assorted Trees of the Parks of Durham) and they were very proud of themselves. They loved peeing so much…

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The Shopkeeper

By funny ha ha, monkeys, overheardOne Comment

(Pre-note: Zoe and Lucy are 3 years old. As such, there are many words in their lexicon that aren’t found in your standard dictionay. One of them, “Mopa,” is a food they might prepare for you in their kitchen. Sometimes they make you Chocolate Soup, sometimes they make you Mopa. You take what you can get.) —————– Scene: Lucy and Zoe have turned the bathtub (no water — not bathtime) into a popsicle and lollipop store. Bob, as he is wont to do, keeps going in and asking for things that wouldn’t be sold at a popsicle and lollipop store….

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You’re so tan, I hate you.

By sites to see, thoughtsOne Comment

There’s a nice piece about JJ Redick in the Sporting News today. Duke fans, go hither and read. JJ, as you may know, is Duke’s current Most Hated Player, which puts him in possession of a crown previously worn by Danny Ferry, Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley and Wojo (and apparently already being shined up real nice for Greg Paulus). Do any other schools have a history of “Most Hated Players?” If everyone hates Duke so much, why do they put so much energy into things like loathing specific players? This is one of the reasons it’s fun to be a…

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By sites to see3 Comments

How great are these guys! They make me want to ball up my fists and squint my eyes and shake my head back and forth really fast in tiny sharp shakes because I have no words for how much I love them.

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