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Beloved Street Art

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This is making the rounds on Facebook right now — if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a collection of amazing street art from 2011, curated by Street Art Utopia. Their site’s tagline is We declare the world as our canvas, which just makes me happy. And so grateful that these folks are out there forcing us to look at the world differently. Here are a few of my favorites, but really — go look at them all. You won’t be sorry. (Thanks for the link, Bo!)

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Branding 10,000 Lakes

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(click for bigger) Minnesota’s nickname, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, is no exaggeration: there are actually 11,842 lakes in the state. In fact, the name Minnesota comes from a Dakota word for “sky-tinted water.” So you can imagine what sort of undertaking it might be to create a logo for each and every lake in Minnesota. Yet Nicole Meyer is doing just that. And to showcase her work, she has launched Branding 10,000 Lakes. It looks like she’s done about 80 so far. And they’re all gorgeous, ranging from conceptual (like King Lake, above), to vintage (like Gull Lake, below), to just plain nice typography….

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Metropolitan Etiquette Authority

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Have you ever lived in Manhattan? I have. And as much as I loved it there, one of the things that can be challenging is the sheer number of people — and their habits — you have to interact with every time you walk around. The lack of courtesy you might encounter on a 2 minute walk to the deli is astounding. Well artist Jay Shells has launched a guerilla art project that addresses just that — street etiquette. The signs are now popping up all around Manhattan. In addition to the fantastic “Pay Attention While Walking” sign he had a…

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I Am Not An Artist

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I’ve spent the better part of this morning staring at and playing with this site. I Am Not An Artist is a big ole page of animated gifs, or, as it says on the site, “An Animated GIF Paranoia about Nonstop Design Workers.” Commissioned by ELISAVA School of Design in Barcelona, and designed by Soon in Tokyo, the base 56 animated gifs were directed by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper. But the fun part is you can add your own animation to the tapestry with their handy, built-in, GIF Generator. Go have fun! I love it when someone takes “old technology”…

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iphone cassette case

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Brilliant. Now you can turn your iphone into a mix tape. It even comes with its own plastic case (that doubles as a stand) so you can even make a snazzy magazine collage tape cover! Suddenly, you’re no longer listening to Broken Bells and Phoenix, but instead, Nirvana, with The Pixies on the flip side, natch. And wouldn’t this be a perfect desk-mate for your mix tape USB hub? You could be starting a retro-volution! Buy yours here. From Art at Heart. Thanks Adam.

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bright boudoir

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Love love these new bathroom supplies from Target. They look like candy. I think my day would kick off quite happy if my bathroom were filled with these, don’t you? (You can try Target online, but I couldn’t find them there. Might just have to go to the store. Darn.)

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