what type are you?

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This quiz from the mighty Pentagram has been cruising speedily around the interwebs, so if you’ve already done it, please share your type with us in the comments. If you haven’t, turn your speakers on and go find out what type you are. Then come back and tell us. (Edited to add: password is Character) I’m Van Doesburg. A creatively structural typeface designed by Theo Van Doesburg, an architect from the De Stijl era. (Thanks Debbie!)

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diy lens cap saver

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Got an empty shampoo bottle and some free time? Why not make yourself this fantastic lens cap holder for your camera! New-to-me inventor Benvelo has provided templates and step-by-step instructions for you to DIY. It’s a little on the complicated side, but with super cool results. Heck. You can even make it cute. Find the complete project here. (Thanks Wired Gadgets, via

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mix tape usb hub

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When we moved from Durham to Charlotte a few years ago, we purged our world of hundreds of cassettes that we had either obtained digitally or which we were pretty certain we wouldn’t listen to again. This pretty much left us with a big box of mix tapes that we don’t listen to but would never in a million years get rid of. And as much as I love the convenience and portability of digital music, I do miss tapes and the way they rattle around and slide clattery into a tape deck. But now, thanks to Urban Outfitters’ keen…

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custom sigg bottles

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We love our Sigg bottles. Not only do they help save the world by reducing plastic bottle waste, but they look cool too, thanks to the great designs and cool metal bottles. But if you’re still left wanting more better design, look no further. Sigg has apparently partnered with Café Press to enable you to customize your own Sigg bottle. You can upload images, type in your own text and then see the bottle in a variety of action shots. Awesome. Customize your Sigg bottle here.

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