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A New Kirtsy

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Super exciting news to share, y’all! Kirtsy relaunched yesterday! I’m one of the co-founders and we’ve been working hard for about 5 months (or 3 years, depending on how you want to look at it) to get a completely new site up. The old site was a great experiment in crowd-sourcing. But as the web has become more crowded, Kirtsy became less of a resource and more of a, how shall we say, crackhouse. For spammers. With the new Kirtsy we wanted to preserve what we loved about the old Kirtsy (finding great stuff online) and present it in a way…

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Do I have any readers in Charlotte?

By kirtsy, thoughts

If so, you’re invited!! Hey Queen City!! The kirtsy chicks will be rockin Charlotte this weekend and we would love to hang out with you. So hey — come have a cocktail with us Saturday night! Here are the details: Apostrophe Lounge 1440 S. Tryon (across the street from Amos’ Southend, on Tryon and Camden) Saturday, October 18 7:00pm Plenty of parking around the back (drive past the building and turn right). Or, if there isn’t a show at Amos’ you can park in their lot for freezies. Can’t wait to see you! (PS, here’s a map!)

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The site formerly known as sk*rt

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Sk*rt is over. Yesterday. Old News. No, we’re not shutting it down, even though that’s what some people might like. Just the opposite. We’re aiming for bigger and better, starting fresh, onward and upward. A fabulous new name. With less hyphen! And in true sk*rt fashion, we’ve decided to do it with a great big contest — The What’s in a Name contest — and turn the naming decision over to our clever readers (which hopefully includes you!). And y’all — the prizes are big. A fancy new cord-free/hands-free phone. A Magic Bullet blender/food processor. And a free BlogHer Registration….

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Now it’s on

By funny ha ha, kirtsy, video3 Comments

Remember how Barack Obama invited me to dinner? And then wanted to be Twitter pals? And then Michelle found out about us? Well now Michelle and I have competition. Lookit: Can’t see the embedded video? Here it is. + + + + + + + Getting excited about Super Tuesday? And Fat Tuesday? Hey, it’s Super Fat Tuesday! We’re celebrating over at sk*rt this week with a new contest: The Super Fat Tuesday Contest. Basically it’s a two-step process: 1. You commemorate Super Tuesday by voting for 10 stories on sk*rt (and in your primary if you’re lucky enough to…

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Clearing house

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Whoa — where has the time gone? Life, as I believe I’ve whined before, has resembled an avalanche lately. And since my little blog carries the smallest return-on-investment of my many projects, it has been relegated to the back burner, of the neighbor’s stove, across the street, diagonally. And it’s a tiny old 2-burner stove that takes forever to heat anything, if it works at all. Which I’m not sure it does. Sorry. It isn’t you, it’s me. I swear. I’ve missed you though. And I think about you often. And I’ve been stockpiling some things I wanted to share…

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Let’s give them something to sk*rt about

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Grabbed this from the sk*rt blog today. Go vote, friends! Help us keep our homepage full of variety! Oh, and win something too! There is a new up-and-coming fashion magazine out there. It’s called Eliza. Beautifully shot. Beautifully printed. An excellent addition to your collection. And since it is such an up-and-coming periodical, we thought a free, year-long subscription to Eliza would be a great way to draw your attention to the sk*rt Up-and-Coming section. The section where stylemakers, divas and mavens decide what is worthy of the sk*rt Popular section. Think you can spot a good link when you…

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It’s a sk*rtacular!

By kirtsy3 Comments

So sk*rt is official! Back in June, as you may recall, we “soft-launched” and quickly learned that there is no such thing as a soft-launch. Either you hit or you don’t. Well, as you may have figured out by now, sk*rt seems to have hit. And we couldn’t be more excited. So we declared the Blogher Conference as our official launch and it rocked the house — the feedback and excitement we’ve got has been so encouraging and feel-good. It’s all very sk*rty. To celebrate the official launch, we’ve got a variety of contests happening and coming up. Here are…

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My kind of town

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Lucky me — I’m heading to Chicago on Thursday. All by myself. Once there, I get to hang out with about a million beautiful ladies who are all savvy, clever, creative and nice. Aren’t you jealous? I know you are — heck, I’m jealous. It’s BlogHer time and I’m excited. Plus, the whole shebang is going to be kicked off with an officially unofficial party at the rooftop bar at the W hotel. And sk*rt is sponsoring awesome door prizes and amazing giveaways. You can read all about it at the sk*rt blog. Then, after we get back, sk*rt becomes…

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