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spam spam bacon and spam


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The number of messages I just cleaned out of my spam folder (which I haven’t checked in about 3 weeks). Thank goodness for Spam Sieve, or every one of those would have ended up in my inbox and I never would have gotten to all that other stuff I had to do. (Because you just know that without that can of Spam in there, my inbox looks exactly like that.)

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Secret election

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Did you know there was a vote held on the best stocking stuffer this year? I absolutely did not. And let me tell you, I do feel cheated. I’m still learning about all this Christmas hullaballoo, like do you hang your stockings on Christmas Eve or do you hang them in the weeks leading up to Christmas? or do you leave the Christmas tree on when you leave the house so the world can see how warm your home is when lit solely by mini lights, or do you turn it off in the name of safety? or what is…

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Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam

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Unlike the disturbing spam I received a few weeks ago, I just got the BEST SPAM EVER. Not only is it from the best spam name ever. Not only does it use air quotes (“get it?”). Not only is it written partially in Olde English. But it is also schizophrenic! What more could you ask for in a spam message? Lookee: Buster McThunderstick? Stop bugging me? What is this, reverse psychology spam? (“Please UpsideUp! Please don’t throw me in the spam folder! Anywhere but the spam folder!” ) But don’t worry, don’t worry. I won’t click on it. You see,…

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Disturbing Spam

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I got this spam email the other day. Listen, I am not sure whether you got my first email or not. I am sort of concerned. People are making me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like being in the middle. Some of the staff are spreading rude jokes behind your back about your weight. I personally have no problem with you being you. Please don’t come back at me for informing. I just wish to help if anything. I thought about mentioning it to a boss but then to have something like this explode is silly and embarassing for everyone…

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