Do I have any readers in Charlotte?

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If so, you’re invited!! Hey Queen City!! The kirtsy chicks will be rockin Charlotte this weekend and we would love to hang out with you. So hey — come have a cocktail with us Saturday night! Here are the details: Apostrophe Lounge 1440 S. Tryon (across the street from Amos’ Southend, on Tryon and Camden) Saturday, October 18 7:00pm Plenty of parking around the back (drive past the building and turn right). Or, if there isn’t a show at Amos’ you can park in their lot for freezies. Can’t wait to see you! (PS, here’s a map!)

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I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You

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Happy Day After Valentine’s Day friends. Hope yours was filled with love — the exact kind of love you were looking for, whatever that may be. Lucy and Zoe celebrated Friendship Day at school yesterday. Each student brought in valentine friendship cards to hand out to the other students — one for every kid in class. For Lucy that meant 23 cards. For Zoe, 22. “Heck!” I said, back when we first got the notices about Friendship Day. “Why make plain ole cards? Why not make 45 hearts out of

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The mind of a 16 year old

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When I was in the 11th grade I lived in France for the year, on a sort of exchange program. 60 of us Americans lived with French families and went to school in Rennes, a smallish town in Brittany, 3 hours west of Paris. I was deep in the throes of being a teenager and life was full of extremes anyway, all highs and lows with nothing in between. But living in another country, learning a new language, thousands of miles from my family, every day was downright fecund with potential adventure. The amount I learned that year still awes…

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Things have been hopping chez Upside Up — we’ve lost our first tooth!! As the 2nd of 3 possible shoes drop in the fallout from Lucy’s accident a couple of years ago, the dentist had to wiggle Lucy’s top front tooth out on Tuesday. She was very brave, and now she’s very very proud. I’ve caught her a couple of times standing in front of the mirror, smiling at herself. And she’s fascinated by the way the hole in her mouth has altered the way she speaks (or “thpeakth” as it would now be said). And the gold Sacagawea Dollar…

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Clearing house

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Whoa — where has the time gone? Life, as I believe I’ve whined before, has resembled an avalanche lately. And since my little blog carries the smallest return-on-investment of my many projects, it has been relegated to the back burner, of the neighbor’s stove, across the street, diagonally. And it’s a tiny old 2-burner stove that takes forever to heat anything, if it works at all. Which I’m not sure it does. Sorry. It isn’t you, it’s me. I swear. I’ve missed you though. And I think about you often. And I’ve been stockpiling some things I wanted to share…

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ZOOB revisted

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Back in 2005, Bob and I actually wrote a note on all the holiday cards we sent out. My handwriting is angular and choppy, and when I wrote “best wishes for all good things in 2006” about 100 times, Bob pointed out that it actually looked like it said “best wishes for all good things in zoob.” Which it did. This year we didn’t actually personalize all our holiday cards (apologies to those of you who received them and felt slighted by the impersonal pre-printed generic holiday message), but the few I did said something along the lines of “here’s…

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Black and blue

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Things are a little overwhelming here in Upside Up land. Busy work, dad surgery, kid disequilibrium, travel. For the most part, it all seems relatively survivable, but not without a little pain. Or at least a few tears. I walked Zoe and Lucy to a friend’s house a few weekends ago and shot leisurely autumn pictures on my walk back. This bird was perched, inanimate, at the tippy tippy top of a large heavy holly bush. I stood watching for a minute, then took this picture. Shot another immediately thereafter that lit the bird, and then moved on. When I…

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I would love to say that I grew up cooking at someone’s knee. That I spent endless hours of my childhood in a steamy, bubbly kitchen dusted with powdery-flecked-shafts-of-light and me perched on a stool watching my grandmother’s every move, waiting for those moments when an oversized spoon was touched to my lips for me to learn taste. I could entertain you with tales of unrecordable family recipes and booming, day-long family feasts. Here, have a seat in my kitchen and have a cup of tea while I bake a pie, and I’ll tell you all about it. Well, no….

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Thank you note

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Dear You, Two years ago yesterday, I invited you to join me in an Upside Up movement, whatever that meant. Since then I’ve written almost 300 posts, left my home and returned to my home, learned how unexpectedly vast and diverse and intertwined the blogging world was, made some great friends, sent my kids to kindergarten, and learned a lot about myself as I coerced my long dormant writing muscles to rejoin me in life. Sometimes I write regularly, sometimes I go weeks without writing (like currently), but this space is always near the top of my intentions. It is…

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