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etch a sketch?

By January 19, 2010November 12th, 2016caught my eye, design

I mean, sure the double knob thing was sorta frustrating on the original Etch A Sketch. Diagonals were challenging, and curves were nearly impossible. But that was part of the charm, right? And it was also what separated it from, say, a Magna Doodle (which didn’t exist in my childhood). Or those static-lift drawing pads, which could not have been more annoying.

So now they’ve replaced the knobs with a trackball, eh? And they’re calling it Etch A Sketch freestyle?

Frankly, I’m not sure what to think. You?

(Thanks sub-studio design blog)

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  • WRONG. Etch-a-sketch is supposed to be annoyingly vertical and horizontal. Or if you have skillz, diagonal by doing the two knobs at the proper time and frequency.

    This thing? This is for the SOFT KIDS OF TODAY. In my day, KIDS WERE HARD, MAN. *HARD.*

  • Tate says:

    I agree, I mean, part of the fun is taking hours and hours… sitting there turning those knobs.. ehem… maybe not “fun” but you know… And while this is a good idea, what happened to the original? What happened to good ol’ fashioned starting over and over to try to etch a sketch JUST RIGHT? Huh? Where’d that go? 🙁

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