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Happy Halloweenie, pt 2

By October 31, 2006November 12th, 2016monkeys, photos, thoughts

Upside Up Index for Halloween 2006.

Number of Little Mermaids: 2
Number of pumpkins carved: 4
Number of economy-sized bags of candy purchased: 10
Hours it took to dispense entirety of economy-sized bags of candy: 2
Number of handfuls of candy I stole from Zoe and Lucy to put back in our dispensing bowl: 4
Number of times our doorbell rang after we turned out the lights because our candy was gone: 3
Number of kids in the first half hour to come to our door without a costume: 6
Number of parents who, along with their kids, held out bags to be filled: 4
Number of return visits made by Zoe and Lucy to show mama the candy they had gotten: 2
Number of seconds it took Lucy to sprint to the sidewalk in tears after unexpectedly being sprayed by fog machine: 1.3
Number of times Zoe or Lucy tripped over their mermaid costume or ermine shoes: 4
Number of inches Lucy’s mermaid costume was eventually hiked up in the hopes of not tripping again: 15
Number of bandaids on Zoe and Lucy’s knees, as of bedtime: 3
Estimated percentage of kids who said “Thank You” after receiving candy: 87
Estimated number of time Zoe and Lucy asked for ONE MORE piece of candy: 38
Estimated number of times Bob or I said no: 38
Number of pieces of candy set aside when I offered this deal: “You can’t have any more tonight, but you can have one piece at breakfast tomorrow morning.”: 6
Number of pieces of candy Lucy tried to open even after accepting this deal: 1
Estimated number of seconds it took Zoe and Lucy to fall asleep after lights out and door closed: 8.3
Number of pieces of candy Bob and I pilfered after kids were asleep: 1 each
Number of minutes the girls were awake before Zoe declared, “Today is the day we get to have candy for breakfast!”: 16

Hope you all had lovely halloweenies yo’sefs.

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