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Happy LEAP Day

By February 29, 2012design, happy, list

It’s February 29, y’all! LEAP Year!

In honor of our special day, we at LEAP Design would like to give you a gift. Are you ready for it? It’s really big. Bigger than a Big Mac. Bigger than a Big Gulp. Bigger, even, than Big Ben.

It’s big.

You guys, it’s a day.

A whole day. Your very own day to do WHATEVER YOU WANT with. So go. Put your phone down, get up from your computer, and go do something unexpected, something inspiring, something that you wouldn’t do on any normal Wednesday.

Need some help? No sweat — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 29 things to do with your extra day:

1. Learn how to juggle.

2. Bake some bread.

3. Get a puppy.

4. Eat dessert for every meal.

5. Call someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time and tell them you miss them.

6. Go to the beach.

7. Go to the mountains.

8. Take a nap.

9. Take a yoga class.

10. Take a walk.

11. Take a friend out to lunch. Your treat.

12. Paint a mural in your house.

13. Volunteer your time.

14. Climb up on your roof and look at your street from a new angle.

15. Bring a picnic (and a friend) to the airport and watch the planes take off and land.

16. Invite friends for dinner; cook something you’ve never cooked before.

17. Write a letter to a friend and mail it.

18. Send a real birthday card (made of paper) in time for a friend’s birthday.

19. Take a long, hot, bath.

20. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read.

21. Fix something you’ve been meaning to fix for a while.

22. Ride a bike.

23. Bake a cake and bring it to a friend.

24. Take a hot air balloon ride.

25. Go skiing.

26. Go to the zoo.

27. Go hear a band.

28. Get a kitten.

29. Sing a song. Out loud. Loudly. Over and over again.

Happy LEAP Year, friends. Go enjoy your free day!

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