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House Preparations, chapter 357

By March 24, 2006thoughts

So the painters have begun work on the exterior of our house. I think this is the color we’re going with:

Your thoughts?

Today the carpenter is repairing the rotten wood along the roofline (soffit?). He is working directly outside the room I’m sitting in right now. He is latino. He is listening to music. The music is turned up pretty loud since he’s up on a 20 ft. ladder and the boombox is on the ground. He is hammering in time with the music.

(I swear I’m not trying to be racist by mentioning that he’s latino. It just helps the story by describing for you the type of music that is playing. For me, it wouldn’t be blog-worthy to notice that a white, N.C. bred carpenter was hammering along with Brooks & Dunn. But I’m sure that if my blog were getting hit as much as, say, this, I’d be skewered for this post.)

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  • Susie says:

    Oh dear, we’re living in the same universe I see. Have you tried the websites that allow you to visualize different paint colors on different houses? I speak both Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore if you’d like to discuss.

    As for the music thing, I’m glad you wrote that because I had a sort of similar observation with our new house. All workmen blare music (wouldn’t you?) but I was always entertained by how the music changed as the house went up. The framers and drywallers, all salsa and other latin music. The painters seemed to favor classic rock and the tile guy rocked out to really loud metal/alternative kind of stuff. Each team brought such a different atmosphere to the house. This was also how I could identify what was going on in the house before I even walked in.
    Good luck my friend!

  • Lance says:

    Yep, I remember picking a color when we painted our house here in CA. It was a weeks-long process with multiple quarts of paint purchased and then set aside (hard to tell from the chips what it will really look like on large areas.) I think I finally ended up mixing a bunch of the sample quarts myself and coming up with the color we liked, then taking it in and having them duplicate it in gallons. On a separate thought, isn’t it funny that we wait until right before moving to make improvements on our houses?

  • Susan says:

    I like the one sort of in the middle, but up two from the bottom, no three up, ok, two down from the top. not the one with the square cut-out (what are those for anyway?), the square one, on the left, yeah. that one. no doubt.

  • Laurie says:

    yes susan! that’s the one we chose!

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