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By May 20, 2006moving, thoughts

Whew. My horoscope for today is a little creepy in how accurate it is. Loaded with truth and meaning and “okay already, I get the point” to the extent that I’m a little wigged out. Like, who are these people at (which I access thru my personalized Google homepage), and are they the ones in that white pentimento trailer outside my house with the antenna bungeed on top?

You might feel somewhat panicky, as you realize you won’t be able to tie up all the required loose ends prior to beginning a whole new set of projects. Meanwhile, others may be depending on you to show your strength of purpose by following through on your previous commitments. Breathe deeply and calm yourself. Roll up your sleeves and focus on fulfilling your obligations before moving on.

Gah. I guess it also sort of explains my inconsistency in updating the blog, even though it isn’t really prioritize-able unless you count it as a “previous commitment” which would definitely make Bob give me the hairy eyeball.

Bob, please don’t give me the hairy eyeball.

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