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Love Thursday

By January 25, 2007November 12th, 2016love thursday, monkeys, photos

The day we made sand angels out at Latta Plantation, the girls were really hooked into Bob. They wanted to do everything he did.

So when Bob ran and jumped up on the tall skinny tree stump near our picnic table, Lucy wanted to climb up there with him.

Then later, while the girls and I were playing in the sand, Bob lay down in the sunny sun. After a short while Zoe saw him and went over and arranged herself in his exact position. She even closed her eyes, as if she, too, understood the sheer joy of napping on the bare ground on a sunny day.

Lucky me that I get to observe while the girls actively idolize the man I adore so.
Lucky them that they get Bob for a dad.
Lucky Bob that he has such a sweet entourage.
Lucky all of us!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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