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Love Thursday

By September 14, 2006January 14th, 2007love thursday, monkeys

Chookoloonks and Momster have started a tradition called Love Thursday in which I’ve decided to participate when I can remember to do so. A couple of weeks ago, I included my post about Bob’s and my anniversary (here). Today, I’m pleased to present to you Zoe and Lucy in love. With each other.

Best friends doesn’t even begin to scratch the outer coating of the surface. Consider for a moment this fact: for over 4 years they have spent almost every hour, minute and second together. Then consider this: In the <airquote> rules </airquote> of parenting, they tell you to keep toddler playdates short — an hour at the most. Ha! How about a 35,000 hour long playdate? And after it’s over, if you try to separate them, they spend all their time apart asking where the other is. Beguiling, eh?

But don’t get me wrong: they do fight. They’re 4 years old and they have to share almost everything they own, including their parents. But for the most part, and for the sake of Love Thursday, these pictures are what it’s all about.

How lucky am I?

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