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Rules are made to be broken

By March 16, 2006November 12th, 2016photos

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  • Re dropping comments: Until a few days ago I didn’t get the whole etiquette regarding responding to a person commenting in one’s blog. I wander around looking at blogs and comment when I like something. It had not occurred to me that when I got a comment from someone new I was supposed to visit them and comment at their place (though sometimes I did do this). All of a sudden – when people started saying “thanks for visiting blah-blah-blah” – I understood there was a format. Silly girl, I didn’t get that people were using comments as advertising, but now I see that it serves that function.

    Oh, and there is something about the color of that photo that reminds me of photos my parents took in Florida in the early 70s.

  • Laurie says:

    Sneaky viral advertising scheme.

    This color is what you get when you shoot into the sun with your cameraphone. Look how far we’ve come — thanks to ever-evolving technology, we can finally imitate the color taken on our parents’ Instamatics from 1972.

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