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Now it’s on

By February 4, 2008November 11th, 2016funny ha ha, kirtsy, video

Remember how Barack Obama invited me to dinner?
And then wanted to be Twitter pals?
And then Michelle found out about us?

Well now Michelle and I have competition. Lookit:

Can’t see the embedded video? Here it is.

+ + + + + + +

Getting excited about Super Tuesday?
And Fat Tuesday?
Hey, it’s Super Fat Tuesday!

We’re celebrating over at sk*rt this week with a new contest: The Super Fat Tuesday Contest.

Basically it’s a two-step process:

1. You commemorate Super Tuesday by voting for 10 stories on sk*rt (and in your primary if you’re lucky enough to live in a state having a primary election tomorrow).

Tell us you did by leaving a comment on this post at sk*rt. Then you’re registered to win some super phat prizes.

2. Then you go celebrate Fat Tuesday by eating all the Red Beans and Rice you can get your hands on. Frequent Upside Up commenter, Debbie, makes the best I’ve ever had, so let me know if you need a recipe. I have an in. Wink wink.

That’s all y’all.

xo, L

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  • debbie says:

    Aw shucks. Thanks 🙂

  • ruth Cohen says:

    I seems ” the faster I go the behinder I get”.
    I happened to see the woman in the video being interviewed. I still
    like Obama in spite of her.

    It’s been too long since I have seen the Smithwicks but I understand
    everything is going well and that you all are fine. I know thing are so
    busy that I would love you to come here for dinner or lunch over any
    weekend.You pick.

    I saw your beautiful brand new nephew and your lovely brilliant and charming niece.

    I’ll see you at Tess’ Bday party. I can’t wait.

    Happy Valentines’ Day!!!!!!!

  • ruth Cohen says:

    I meant to tell you That I would Love the recipe!

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