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Off the Shelf

By September 27, 2006love thursday, sites to see

We leave tomorrow for a 6-day whirlwind driving extravaganza to Connecticut, NYC and DC. So maybe after we get back next Tuesday I’ll have something to actually write about (we’ll be driving 1500 miles over 2 days. In-between we’re visiting in-laws, going apple picking in the Hudson Valley, meeting 5 new babies of college friends, traipsing around NYC with 4-yr-old twins, and seeing family we haven’t seen in 7 years — I feel confident I’ll have something to say when I return).

In the meantime, in place of words, I offer you links. And just in time for Love Thursday no less! Off the Shelf, a Japanese packaging design scrapbook, is a page of tiny little pictures of Japanese packaging. I love! tiny things. And I love! Japanese packaging. When I lived in NYC we went to this big Japanese supermarket in New Jersey a few times (I can’t remember the name — someone help?) (Oh wait! I remember — Yaohan Plaza in Fort Lee.) and I would spend my time looking at (and buying) packaging. One of my favorites back then was Black Black gum, mostly for name, but packaging (and the charcoal black gum itself) was pretty good too.

In general, the combination of Engrish and great design is just so appealing to me that I want to cup it in my little hands and give it little fish kisses.

Happy Love Thursday y’all! See you next week.

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