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Perhaps it’s time for some moss gathering?

By May 2, 2006May 5th, 2006sites to see

Okay people. With this I’m admitting to you that I read People online (actually, I read the headlines from my personalized Google homepage, but I realize that doesn’t take much of the sting away since I chose to display the People module), but I hope you won’t begrudge me this odd one.

Apparently Rolling Stones über-id kid Keith Richards was vacationing in Fiji but had to be flown to Auckland, New Zealand because he suffered a mild concussion.

The cause?

“Various news reports have said that Richards fell from a coconut tree, a Jet Ski or a combination of the two.”

I’m not even sure how I might spin this for that additional bring-it-home chuckle because I think it’s pretty well home already. But if any of you cleverest of writers have a snappy retort, please do share.

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