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Proof that grownups shouldn’t be allowed to CIO

By April 4, 2006monkeys, sites to see, thoughts

Well, dooce has done it again

Like that overly-referenced butterfly in Asia creating a typhoon in America with a simple flutter of its technicolor wings, dooce may have created a bloggy tidal wave with her post about letting Leta cry it out (CIO for non-parents). It’s only just beginning, but I suspect we will see some big wreckage in the days to come.

I was preparing to treat you all to a treatise on why CIO is a totally different ball of earwax when you have twins. I was going to talk about how the sleep deprivation endured by parents of twins (POTs) can quickly become extreme to the point of delirium, even if you’re sharing your bed with your babies and are a professional purveyor of boobs-in bed (PoBiB). I was going to expound on how letting one baby cry while you tend to the other (LOBCWYTttO) is such a given that you are forced to accept early on that it must be character building for babies to learn to wait for the attention they need (and deserve). Even if you don’t believe it. I was all set to tell you about how I still break out in a sweat every time one of my girls cries and I “can’t” go to her, even if she’s only using the tears as a ploy for my attention (UTaaPfA). I was gearing up for a lecture on the logistics of twins and how they can be more complicated than the carousel-like conversations on West Wing.

Luckily, twinmama over at SLOlane has done all that for me, and way more eloquently and succinctly than I would have. So go check it out. Tell us what you think. And be sure to thank her for sparing you any more bloviating from me.

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