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Queen for a day

By April 21, 2006sites to see, thoughts

Happy Birthday to me and Queen Elizabeth today. She’s 80 and I’m, um, not. We intend to celebrate by going for a walk — a 40-minute stroll, wherein we will dress in a vibrant pink coat with large round buttons and a wide asymmetric collar, working the crowds as they erupt into renditions of Happy Birthday.

Or, I might take Zoe and Lucy to school, paint some kitchen cabinets, go grocery shopping, pick Zoe and Lucy up from school and call it a morning.

With such options it’s hard to choose, really.

Either way, I’m excited to have a reason to wear my cerise-colored, feathered hat.

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  • Paula Reckson says:

    Happy Birthday Laurie – you’re a queen in our book! Loved
    the pix of you and Elizabeth. Didn’t know you shopped in
    the same establishments 🙂 Charlie and I are in San Diego
    for a medical meeting, keeping tabs on your dad by phone.
    Thank goodness for cell phones and wireless technology!
    (well, most of the time). Our best to Bob and the girls.
    Your kitchen is looking great.

  • Erin MJ says:

    Happy birthday, Laurie! Your hat is fabulous. You and the queen have impeccable fashion sense. 😉

  • Jen M says:

    as long as you wore your belly-dancing scarf underneath your queen get-up. sorry i’m a little late in reading it.xoxoxox

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