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By January 27, 2007November 12th, 2016monkeys, photos, thoughts

In no particular order:

– We went out last weekend to a friend’s 40th birthday party and, although I’m still a few years away from that big celebration myself, I have to admit to being skeptical that the words “fortieth birthday” will ever apply to me.

– I woke up terribly hungover the next day, but I swear I don’t think I had the kind of fun the night before that warranted it. How much of a bummer is that? The hangover without the fun. Is that part of getting closer to 40? If so — lord I do not like it.

– Our grocery store had a luggage giveaway for people who spent over a bazillion dollars a week for 15 out of 18 weeks. I’m both proud and embarrassed to tell you that we won the luggage.

– Recently I got to spend the afternoon with a real live sanctimommy! She shared many of her opinions and her brilliances with us all and wow, I feel like I learned so much. Plus it was a “lot” of fun. Zoe and Lucy are lucky — what a better mother I will be now!

– On the other side of the “mom coin,” I just found out that one of my all-time favorite people (and her sweet family) is moving to Charlotte. Back when we moved from Brooklyn to Durham, we innocently (though happily) led a little underground railroad from NYC to NC as some of our best friends joined us in our quest for “simpler lives” (or something like that). I don’t expect anything of that nature to happen this time — Charlotte, while a lot more interesting a place than the one I deserted 19 years ago, just isn’t the kind of town where I expect to be able to pull off a Pied Piper. That notwithstanding, I’m thrilled about my friend’s news and if you look over at me and see me smiling for no apparent reason, it’s because I’m thinking of her.

– Please. Somebody. How do you pronounce the word “biopic?” As in, a biographical movie. Is it by-AH-pic (like myopic) or is it BY-oh-pic (like bio pick)?

– Regarding the 21st century and its trappings. Have you noticed that saying “Dubya Tee Eff” for WTF is almost as much fun as saying “What the fuck?” Unless you’re Mango. In which case, saying “What the frick!?” is much more fun.

– We went to visit Mattie (my surrogate grandmother) at her house today. She wasn’t doing great over the holidays but she seems to be somewhat better now, within the realm of being 89 years old. We had a lovely leisurely visit and we were able to stay much longer than I anticipated being able to — Mattie was in great, alert spirits, and Zoe and Lucy were on their best, sweetest, entertaining-themselves behavior. Also, Zoe and Lucy are so sweet to Mattie, which makes my heart just flit about. They obviously don’t have the history with her that I do, yet they seem to understand how important she is to me and they are very loving with her. They give her kisses and hugs and sit on her lap and tell her they love her. But the highlight of today’s visit was Zoe reading “Hop on Pop” aloud to Mattie (photo above). And all while Zoe was reading, Mattie kept up a constant hum of encouraging commentary, like “Cup Pup, yeahhh, that cup do be on that pup.” or “They is gonna fall off that wall if they be playin ball up there like that.” And I was the only one laughing! But it was the kind of laughing that has those little stinging tears in it. The kind you have to blink away, even though you know how vitally important it is that you not blink.

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  • shellyf says:

    in no particular order:

    have a few drinks and say “fortieth birthday” a number of times and it starts to sound like “fourteenth…” i swear.

    i have actually had the hangover headache without having had a drop of alcohol for days. i admit to being over forty, but am certain there is some issue with the drinking water.

    the luggage! now THAT’s funny.

    i am concerned about your excitement regarding a good friend from NYC moving to Charlotte as we’ve not made any travel plans as of yet. i very much WANT to come but am still working on things out on this end.

    biopic, myopic…let’s call the whole thing off.

    Mattie looks terrific! and i know those tears! they ran hot and sting-y down my cheeks just last week as i watched my girls recite poems about MLK Jr. at school. out of nowhere, with a huge grin spread across my face, the tears came and came and came.

    well done my dear.
    thanks for the wonderful post.

  • Mary says:

    Mattie does look terrific and Zoe plus tiara, priceless! Trust me, your fourtieth is not the one to worry about.
    What a great word “Sanctimommy” and I say there are plenty of “Sanctipeople” if you know what I mean. They go around convinced that there is only one way to do things, THEIRS!

  • Becky says:

    I vote for BY-o-pic. By the way, I watched Babette’s Feast yesterday during naptime. Now I’m STARVING! It was a great flick. Thanks for making me watch it.

  • Design Mom says:

    I love all posts that are list-like.

  • I think it’s pronounced bio-pic, but I alway say bi-opic in my head.

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