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Superman + Frankenstein = BFF

By September 20, 2006love thursday

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you to go check out Mose, my cousin’s cartoon? Do you remember how I told you that I grew up wanting to be idolizing him the way a younger sibling wants to be idolizes an older sibling. Well, any of you who are younger siblings (which, strictly speaking, I am not, but I had a lot of older cousins) know that most of the time, in most people’s childhoods, your older sibling wishes to do you harm ignores you, and then some. And you may also know, if you are a younger, how much you yearn for even a few minutes of your older’s attention.

Well, for Love Thursday today I’ve got something a little different for you. This photo is of my cousin and me, Hallowe’en 1974. (I’m Frankenstein, he’s Superman.) Now, even if we assume that his little eyeroll there isn’t in fact him saying “Lord, Uncle Henry — take the freakin picture already so I can ditch this popsicle stand and go trick-or-treatin with my friends,” we can still guess that 7-yr-old him is less than thrilled to be hanging out with 5-yr-old me in my plastic drugstore costume with a wristband around my hand. But now I want you to imagine how I’m feeling in this picture. Just look at my face! We’re standing in his bedroom, people. He’s allowing me to take a picture with him, in his bedroom. I am so thrilled to be there (and so jealous of his awesome homemade costume), I have to be wrapped in plastic, just to contain it all.

To this day, I still remember the details of that Superman costume. Even without the help of this photo.

So I’m dedicating my Love Thursday this week to my cousin Adam, who treats me like royalty now, and who has had a less-than-stellar week. And while you’re feelin the love, go visit him over at Mose.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  • Mieneke says:

    Excellent picture and post. It made me smile immediatly!

    Munchkin loves her big cousins to pieces too. The look on your face reminds me so much of the way she beams when she gets to join in the play with her big cousins too.

  • Mieneke says:

    Oh, and the Grand ole Duke of York at the top of your blog? Thanks! Now I will be singing it all day….. again! 😉

  • Irene says:

    such a happy picture!

    thanks for sharing.

  • Jen says:

    I also idolized my cousin. She was 4 years older than I. And she loathed me. Couldn’t wait to ditch me at every opportunity. Probably worked out to my benefit as she “fell in with a bad crowd” and wound up a drug addict very young. But I still loved her. Still do. Great memory for you!

  • 1) Jen. I had a very similar older cousin experience, except she liked me, and took me to the mall dressed in spandex when I was 14.

    2) Laurie. I was always jealous of the kids that GOT to wear the store bought costumes. My Mom MADE me wear crap she made. I hated it. The grass really is always greener.

  • That’s so funny and adorable! How fun. I have fond memories of trick or treating with my cousin too. Every year, and she ALWAYS had the better costume. One year I was a jogger. How lame is that? Stupid me didn’t realize it was lame until I was married with kids of my own and it came out in a conversation with my husband. Geez, my mom was lazy when it came to costumes! At least you were something cool.

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