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color career counselor

By color, thought provoking13 Comments

Found this amazing¬†quiz over at How About Orange today.¬†It is utter witchcraft, I tell you. You pick the colors you like (and don’t like), and it tells you what career you should have. And it works! So much so that it completely picked up on my inner Aries/Taurus chaos by suggesting that I am first a Creator and second an Organizer. (Hello Right Brain? Meet Left Brain. Now be friends.) What should you be when you grow up? Take the test and let me know! PS. It doesn’t appear to like Safari, but Firefox worked great. (Thanks Jessica!)

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the birth (and rebirth) of upsideup

By history9 Comments

When I was 12 years old I spent the summer working at my father’s office, filing, stuffing envelopes, talking to the women who worked there, trying to absorb some of the secrets of being a grownup person who went to work every day. My father’s company was in the process of changing its name and one afternoon on the way home, my father informed me we needed to stop off at the Art Director’s studio to approve something to do with the new logo and whatnot. For one reason or another we ended up being there longer than expected, my…

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