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Branding the Presidents

By clever, design, history, thought provoking2 Comments

Here’s a cool personal project from designer Meg Jannot — a Tumblr called Branding the Presidents. She’s designing each of the 44 presidents over the course of 44 days. A great exercise for any designer, and especially great for this breathless, rough-and-tumble election year. Nice work Meg! I especially love how different they all are. Here are a few highlights. Click here to see the whole set on Tumblr. Which ones are your favorites? Thanks Ilina!

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Interiors at Night

By color, photos2 Comments

Gorgeous new tumblr featuring interiors shot at night. Created by Lauren Schoonover from Champagne and Marshmallows. I would very much like to visit all of these rooms. She also has another tumblr: Exteriors at Night. Here’s one of my favorites: (Great find, Alisa!)

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hipster puppies

By funny ha haOne Comment

margi tells people she does “graphic design” for a living, but in reality does “nothing” ………….. Crystal turned me on to the tumblr site hipster puppies today and I cannot stop scrolling. The writing is so perfectly hipster du jour, and the crowd-sourced photos are crazy hilarious. It’s Stupid Pet Tricks meets Chai Lattes. (photo via mark h)

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