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Yes we live in the south, but still…

By January 9, 2006monkeys

Zoe: Here mama, I brought you some soup (hands me small plastic pot with lid).

Me: Oh, thanks Zoe. Let’s go get a spoon and eat it. I looooove soup.

Zoe: I know you do mama. I know you love soup. I’m your grandmother.

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  • sasha says:

    The Shef
    Onsa pona time thar was a shef how warked for the King. The shef alwas mad soop. But the shef didin’t Know that the King didin’t liKe soop. So he cKpt on maKing soop. Morning aftrnoon and night. then on satrday night aftr dinr the King went to the shef and sed “dont you Know I HATE SOOP!”, “I didin’t Know.” “wel you Know now. No mor soop!” So he mad oringsckins. he didin’t LicKe that ethre So he firde him
    the end.

    — Sasha Kurtz, Age 6

  • John Meiklejohn says:

    My name is John Meiklejohn and I am almost seventy years old. My age is what makes this story interesting.

    My daughter, Alison, and her husband recently took my 13 year-old grandson Gregory to a beach party near my home In Fire Island, NY. As they approached the party, two boys on the beach came running over to Gregory, and one said, with great excitement, “I’ve seen you before, you must be John Meiklejohn’s uncle.”

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