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I'm a painter, printmaker, and muralist who uses abstract forms to represent real concepts and emotions. (Which is a fancy way of saying "I love colors and shapes and making marks on stuff.")

Hey, I'm Laurie!

I paint possibility.

Through my art, I seek to illuminate the human experience of change. I am drawn to the idea that transitions are the result of passing through a portal. Portals serve as visual metaphors for change and embody the duality of existence — the intersection of past and future; what was and what could be.

The quiet tension before that first step forward, the breath held during the leap — these are the moments that define us by revealing our hopes and aspirations in the face of change.

Using color, form, and texture to evoke the emotions that accompany transitions, my work is a visual narrative of this journey, where possibilities unfurl like hidden pathways, inviting viewers to become fellow travelers, embarking on their own individual journeys of discovery.

Laurie Smithwick

Some of My Recent Work