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By July 4, 2007monkeys, thoughts

Happy fourth everyone — the most eponymous holiday of the year!
Our perfect summer day so far:

  • Zoe and Lucy have been happily playing in the bathtub for almost an hour — I think all their stuffed animals are getting a bath.
  • Bob has just finished mowing the lawn, and all our windows are open.
  • I have just finished reorganizing my dresser, completing the purging of all non-summer clothes.
  • Later, we’re going to the pool.
  • Then we’re going to a cookout.
  • Then, fireworks. Zoe and Lucy’s first ever.

With Zoe and Lucy exhausted from camp each day, I’m not optimistic for tomorrow, since the fireworks don’t begin until 9:30 tonight (ah, the joys of daylight savings). But that’s what being a kid in the summer is all about, right? Fireworks and lightning bugs are only enjoyed after a 4¾ yr old should be in bed. Such is life. Exceptions must be made.

Happy no-more-king day to you all. Hope you get to hold fire in your hand today.

On an ancillary note, wouldn’t it be fun to aggregate all the fireworks-esque images found on blogs today and tomorrow. I’d venture to guess there are a bunch of good ones.

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