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Black and blue

By December 6, 2007thoughts

Things are a little overwhelming here in Upside Up land. Busy work, dad surgery, kid disequilibrium, travel. For the most part, it all seems relatively survivable, but not without a little pain. Or at least a few tears.

I walked Zoe and Lucy to a friend’s house a few weekends ago and shot leisurely autumn pictures on my walk back. This bird was perched, inanimate, at the tippy tippy top of a large heavy holly bush. I stood watching for a minute, then took this picture. Shot another immediately thereafter that lit the bird, and then moved on. When I reviewed the pictures, I tweaked the lit photo a good bit, then looked again at this one, which I realized I liked much better. I like the black and blue twilight. The leaves have all fallen and the color has that eerie chilled backlit quality that tells you instantly what season it is.

I’d like to learn from that bird. It’s cold out and there aren’t any leaves left on the trees, but if I sit on this high branch and wait, maybe someone will put out a bird feeder. Or at least I’ll get to sit quietly by myself for a few minutes. (I wonder what task list awaited this bird back at home.)

And then eventually, if I’m patient and diligent, I’ll get to feel like this again:

But for now, I need to get back to work.


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