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hipster puppies

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margi tells people she does “graphic design” for a living, but in reality does “nothing” ………….. Crystal turned me on to the tumblr site hipster puppies today and I cannot stop scrolling. The writing is so perfectly hipster du jour, and the crowd-sourced photos are crazy hilarious. It’s Stupid Pet Tricks meets Chai Lattes. (photo via mark h)

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cash for warhol

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Walking to work yesterday I saw this sign posted on the corner of Thomas and Central. I wasn’t sure if it was some sort of guerilla street art campaign, or a for-real recession buster ploy, a la your usual Work from Home! We Buy Houses! schemes. So I googled it, and there’s actually a website! I can’t imagine that the sort of person who has an actual Warhol is also looking at utility poles for ideas on how to get some cash for it, but then again, stranger things have most likely happened.

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adventures in art direction

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So real it makes me wonder if they listen in on conversations at our studio. Or, probably your studio too. (Can’t see the video? Watch it here.) ——- Also, the whole site, called Xtranormal, is super cool. You can make your own videos using their scenes, characters, voices, camera angles, actions and more. I made a goofy 30 sec movie to try it out. But please consider yourself warned: it’s extremely goofy. (Also find it here.)

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Found these today while looking for new lunchboxes for Zoe and Lucy. I especially love the smoking Kurt Cobain. Perfect for 2nd grade girls. And hooray for a lunchbox I can carry when I’m wearing my back-to-school bacon shoes. Find more here.

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