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love thursday

Why I Eyes Ya

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Coming up for air from my self-imposed/inadvertent blogging hiatus to make sure you have seen this video: (Can’t see it? Click here.) In case you’re wondering where my head is these days, it’s a little obsessed with this video. Also, working too much. But that’s nothing new. Also. Zoe and Lucy turned 6 on Tuesday. That’s old. They start first grade on Monday. Yow. Also. 9 years ago today Bob and I had this awesome wedding thing in front of a lake in the NC mountains. I’m feeling grateful today that I get to spend my life with someone so…

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The first in a long line of August celebrations

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Is that not the most sweet-looking, handsome, sixtysomething man you’ve ever seen? I agree. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my dad and today is his birthday. No. I would tell you that any time of any day of the year. This man, my father, is the sweetest man I have ever known. And kind. And funny. And handsome. And smart? Shoo-wee is he smart. And helpful. And loving. And huggy. And kissy. And the passer-on of the red hair. And the checker-upper on the oil changing of our ole Subaru. And the make-surer the kids are inside…

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Love Thursday: 4 Girls

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My niece Tess turned 2 last Saturday and had a fairy birthday party. All the kids had wings, tutus, wands and flowery headbands, and my sister-in-law Brooke beautifully and tastefully decorated the house to lovely ethereal effect. Needless to say, the kids (all girls except for one boy, for whom Brooke, made a little elf costume!) had a blast and loved all the fairy play. This photo is of the aftermath: Brooke reading on the couch with Lucy, Tess and Zoe, who would have sat there, all pink and cuddly and rapt, for 5 hours had Brooke been willing. The…

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Love Thursday

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The day we made sand angels out at Latta Plantation, the girls were really hooked into Bob. They wanted to do everything he did. So when Bob ran and jumped up on the tall skinny tree stump near our picnic table, Lucy wanted to climb up there with him. Then later, while the girls and I were playing in the sand, Bob lay down in the sunny sun. After a short while Zoe saw him and went over and arranged herself in his exact position. She even closed her eyes, as if she, too, understood the sheer joy of napping…

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Love Thursday

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I was first introduced to family Christmas traditions in the 10th grade when I was invited to my best friend Joy’s house to help her family trim their tree — insisted upon by her father, who was dismayed when he found out I had never trimmed a tree before. It was everything I expected and hoped it would be — warm, loving, nostalgic and full of sweetness. My family growing up had plenty of our own special traditions for different holidays (and now that I’m an adult with a family of my own, I treasure them all, and work to…

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Love Thursday: Who’s the lucky one?

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Once upon a time we lived in Durham. We had a large living room and we added built-in bookshelves with plenty of space for books and picture frames and “objets.” (Pron: Ob-jay. It’s French you know. For knick-knacks.) Then we moved to Charlotte. We now have an even larger living room, but we have no bookshelves, and no space for books and picture frames and objets. So one day my husband, the man who has been making my heart lurch for 14 years now, drew a picture of some boxes. He took that picture to the Home Depot and bought…

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Love Thursday: The Eno River / Photo Friday: Innocence

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When we were weighing the pros and cons of moving away from Durham, one of the things that was on our cons list that we had no answer for was the Eno River. It essentially runs through the middle of town, it’s vast, it’s got a great variety of trails and destinations (swinging bridges, old defunct pump stations, actual mountains, log cabins, etc) and, as is obvious from this photo, it’s gorgeous. And there aren’t too many mountain lions. This particular day was a treasure. It was September, yet still warm enough for the girls to strip to their underwear…

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Off the Shelf

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We leave tomorrow for a 6-day whirlwind driving extravaganza to Connecticut, NYC and DC. So maybe after we get back next Tuesday I’ll have something to actually write about (we’ll be driving 1500 miles over 2 days. In-between we’re visiting in-laws, going apple picking in the Hudson Valley, meeting 5 new babies of college friends, traipsing around NYC with 4-yr-old twins, and seeing family we haven’t seen in 7 years — I feel confident I’ll have something to say when I return). In the meantime, in place of words, I offer you links. And just in time for Love Thursday…

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Superman + Frankenstein = BFF

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Remember a few weeks ago when I told you to go check out Mose, my cousin’s cartoon? Do you remember how I told you that I grew up wanting to be idolizing him the way a younger sibling wants to be idolizes an older sibling. Well, any of you who are younger siblings (which, strictly speaking, I am not, but I had a lot of older cousins) know that most of the time, in most people’s childhoods, your older sibling wishes to do you harm ignores you, and then some. And you may also know, if you are a younger,…

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