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the rules of a gentleman

By clever, design, sites to see, thought provoking3 Comments

Speaking as a lady (by genetics if not by behavior), I have to admit that I honestly appreciate a kind show of Gentlemanliness. Not that I need men to fall all over themselves fawning over me, but a door opened, nonchalantly but purposefully? Truly lovely. So when I stumbled today upon The Rules of a Gentleman, I was instantly charmed. One tip per day. So minimal. So well-designed with classic, old newspaper typography and styles. And so well written, straightforward, with a funny aside for each one. Enchanting. Please share with all the Gentlemen you know. And for what it’s…

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Hell-o Kitty

By funny ha ha, sites to seeNo Comments

Sartre once wrote a great book about life in cat hell. But I’m pretty sure he left this out: Hello Kitty ears and collar, for your cat. Here’s the whole set, complete with convenient carrying case (in case your cat has to go to a costume party straight from work): + + + Thanks Jen!

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What’s happenin hot stuff

By sites to see8 Comments

The internets are full of awards for bloggers. Because we all need to know that we’re loved. It helps with all the aloneliness (as Zoe would say) and it helps fill the writing vacuum with voices. That said, I haven’t received any sort of major award, other than your bountiful commentary — which I love, of course. Every morsel. Even your spam. I’ve always been okay with it — after all, I’m not here for the accolades, I’m mostly here just to hear myself talk, and let you in on it. But I have to admit to being delighted when…

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By photos, sites to see4 Comments

I don’t have any pictures of myself hugging a 150-yr-old saguaro cactus, but I thought this post at wikihow was a cool and concise explanation for making your own pop-up photos (y’know, with all your free time). I think Zoe and Lucy would love this project. I’ll keep you posted.

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Mmmm movie popcorn

By sites to see, thoughts6 Comments

For any of you who have been living under a rock this summer, The Simpsons Movie just came out. And what kind of loyal lifelong fan would I be if I didn’t make my own Simpsons avatar and share it with you? No kind of loyal lifelong fan, I tell you. Go make one yourself. Then come back and share with me!

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sk*rt and digg. sittin in a tree. k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

By kirtsy, sites to see4 Comments

So sk*rt? Going crazy. Thanks to all of you and everyone you’ve told and all those other people. Thanks y’all! Then? On Tuesday, sk*rt got dugg on digg. Things moved slowly all day, thankfully, but then that night? It went CRAZY. By the time I shut my computer off at 4:30 in the morning, we had made it to the front page, the post had 413 diggs and sk*rt had honorably suffered the digg effect, which means our little site was shut down due to an overdose of traffic. We knew something like this was going to happen given the…

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Friends, meet sk*rt. sk*rt, meet all my friends.

By kirtsy, sites to see2 Comments

Exactly four months ago today, while the men of the country were watching the Super Bowl, and the women were watching the Super Bowl commercials, I was on the phone with three bloggers — Gabrielle, Laura, and Rebecca — and we were talking about how cool it would be if there were one spot online where we could find a variety of excellence. A portal of cool. Something like Digg, but with stories aimed less at cute techie boys and more at, well, us. Because although Digg is clearly brilliant, thirtysomething moms and twentysomething hipster girls are just not their…

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