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color career counselor

By March 30, 2010color, thought provoking

Found this amazing quiz over at How About Orange today. It is utter witchcraft, I tell you.

You pick the colors you like (and don’t like), and it tells you what career you should have. And it works! So much so that it completely picked up on my inner Aries/Taurus chaos by suggesting that I am first a Creator and second an Organizer. (Hello Right Brain? Meet Left Brain. Now be friends.)

What should you be when you grow up? Take the test and let me know!

PS. It doesn’t appear to like Safari, but Firefox worked great.

(Thanks Jessica!)

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  • Erin Julian says:

    Well, either the test always gives the same answers, or we have something in common! I got the exact same results. 😉 But I feel like they do fit me–that’s pretty amazing that just a color test can do that!

  • Johnsienoel says:

    Uncanny! My results fit me to a tee. I do have a degree in Interior Design and I am an amateur writer. I remember from college the ‘color theory’ classes that addressed the topic of color and its affects on moods. This was really neat to see used in a different application.

  • Laurie says:

    Creator then a persuader. Pretty much right on, yes. 🙂 I want to know what #1 is though!

  • Susan says:

    OMG. That was crazy. And totally accurate. I’m an Organizer and then a Creator. Of course.

  • Interesting… a researcher and then a creator. Then it says one of my top jobs is to work in retail. : )

    I think I’ll stick to higher ed web dev.

  • KJannFischer says:

    Fascinating! Organizer and then researcher. This report totally depicts what I do at my current job, which I love despite wanting to sing on a stage for a living…

  • Beth says:

    So weird! Researcher, then Organizer. I’m a librarian/library administrator. Right on. All because I love teal? 🙂

  • jim says:

    damn – didn’t see the safari thing till it was too late. they took my email tho. hopefully they’ll send results. but if they don’t come back with zookeeper, i’m calling it fake.

  • Creator then persuader.

    Once again proving that Laurie White and I might actually be the same person.

  • ben says:

    ack. I liked my results better the first time.
    Creator, then…Socializer, or something, I forget.

    I tried it again just now and got Organizer, Doer.

  • BOSSY says:

    Hmm. According to the site Bossy should be an accountant (oh my gah hah) or a welder. Maybe it was because Bossy selected teal because she thought she was selecting a Least favorite color but it turned out it was a Favorite.

    Bossy now too depressed by accountant and welder to re-take the quiz.

  • Laurie says:

    Bossy, I think you would be an excellent welder. Fire! And big face-covering goggles!
    Jim, to get Zookeeper, you probably need to choose a lot of browns.

  • Lisa says:

    I am creator and organizer as well. However, I have tried introducing my left brain to my right brain and they aren’t having it. Gah!

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