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Friday Morning Videos – Flash fights back

By April 6, 2007November 11th, 2016video

Computers have a tough row to hoe, y’know? They give give give — working day and night to enhance our lives, speed up our workflow, and give us access to information the likes (and volume) of which we didn’t even know we needed. Like, for example, how to open a champagne bottle with a sword.

But if the computer acts up for one minute, yawns and stretches in the middle of a task like it has all the time in the world, or doesn’t listen because it wants to keep doing whatever it’s doing, we treat it with utter disrespect, banging the mouse, clacking impatiently on the keyboard, yelling at it. It’s disgraceful, really, when what we should be doing is searching engadget for gifty whatnots to bestow upon our trusty pals who work so hard to answer our ever-increasing demands.

Anyway, one day, like so many robots-gone-bad, your computer may revolt. I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, here’s hoping it’s at least as much fun to watch as this:

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