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Friday Morning Videos – Learning to speak body language

By June 14, 2007November 11th, 2016kirtsy, video

Friday Morning Videos

FMV is back this week after a brief hiatus due to travel. (Exciting travel report coming soon.) Welcome back FMV!

In keeping with the theme of late, I’m going to share with you a video I found on sk*rt. What? You haven’t heard about sk*rt yet? Go now. Then come back. We’ll wait.

{Shuffle shuffle}

Well. We don’t really have to wait right? They’re probably playing on sk*rt and won’t be back for a while. They can catch up on today’s video whenever they get back, right? Shall we on with the show? Yes, on with the show.

As I was saying. I found this video on sk*rt. It’s an educational video teaching you how to use and read body language. Great actors. Great costumes. Great narrator. All great. And in just a few easy lessons you too can learn to speak body just like humans do! Huzzah!

Here’s a link if you can’t see the video in this post.

+ + +

Been terribly happily busy with sk*rt this week. We’re moving the site over to a new enlargenated server, and we’re all wearing lots of hats while we work everything out. This serves to make our heads very heavy and it is difficult to move around which is why we’re pretty much glued to our computers right now. A small price to pay…

Anyway, once we’re up on our new big girl server, I’ll be posting again to tell you about all our great giveaways resuming (we’re trying to keep traffic from escalating again until we’ve moved).

Until then I offer you our continued thanks for all your sk*rt support (does that make you girdles? or g*rdles?). If I were speaking body language to you right now, I’d be saying something like this:

Kisses to all of you out there

image from Veer.

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