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Friday Morning Videos – Maraka

By April 20, 2007November 11th, 2016video

Friday Morning Videos

When Zoe and Lucy were 2 1/2, Dora the Explorer moved in with us. Zoe and Lucy spent every waking moment lobbying to watch a “Dora movie.” We could stop any errant behavior by pulling out a Dora book or telling a story in the same format as a Dora story (Problem; I need your help to solve it; Go here, here and here; You did it!). She potty trained them and rewarded them for succeeding with Dora underwear. She was more essential to our lives than food.

I believe if you had shown me this video while we were in the midst of this stage, I would have possibly been reluctant to laugh. We could not have been more grateful for Dora’s influence in our lives. She modeled good behavior, taught our girls spanish, wasn’t overly girly (thus staving off the inevitable invasion of the Princesses™ in our lives), and didn’t make me feel guilty about parking them in front of the tv from time to time.

But now? Now that Zoe and Lucy would rather watch Charlie and Lola than Dora (hooray!), I can proudly and heartily laugh at this spoof. I especially love the way she says “Mittens.”

Happy Friday everyone!

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  • swooze says:

    I haven’t even clicked through to your site yet b/c I’m at work, but I know exactly what this must be – I saw it on Sat Nt Live a few weeks ago, and have told every parent I know about it between gasps of laughter. I can’t wait to actually show it to them, thanks crabby! I’m giggling now just thinking about it! DON’T ASK WHY, JUST DO IT! I can’t even be in the room when T’s boys are watching Dora now without cracking up.

  • ruth Cohen says:


    But I love your wtiting so much that it’s hard for me which I think is the best. Your story about driving home in the terrible rainstorm
    had me gasping for breath.

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