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Fruit Sellout, yummy yummy

By August 25, 2006monkeys

Ok, here’s the thing. Back before I had kids. Back before I was thinking about having kids. Even back when I had little babies who had yet to watch any tv other than the headsmackingly simple “I should’a thought of that” Baby Einstein videos, I would have given you such a hairy eyeball, such a sneer, such a scornful dishing of my witty sarcasm if you had told me that I was, someday, going to take my kids to see a live Wiggles show.

And yet, that’s where I’m going right now. My mom and I are taking Zoe and Lucy to the Bobcats Arena, which is, I believe, sold out, to see The Wiggles: Wiggledancing Live on Stage.

Also, I’m sorta excited about it.

Just shoot me now.

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