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helvetica and the new york city subway system

By January 26, 2010November 12th, 2016design, history, retro vintage ephemera

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

New, limited edition book, about Helvetica’s infiltration of the New York City subway system. Written by Paul Shaw. Including hundreds of photos, along with reproductions of pages from various MTA and NYCTA signage manuals. Oh, I’m sorry — was that me drooling? Goodness, how embarrassing.

I lived in New York for 6 years, and I return every year at least twice, and to count the number of photos I have taken down in the subway would be impossible. I am obsessed with its haphazard permanence, its raw, often accidental beauty, and its consistent inconsistency.

I can’t wait to hold this book in my hand.

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