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Hypothetical hyperbole

By January 30, 2007thoughts

I was just trying to leave a comment on a blogger blog and the above claptrap is what I got as my supersecret word verification cryptogram.

WTF blogger? Do you resent us? Is this a competitive thing?

You’re all, “Okay people. Fine. You may think you’re smarter than the spam generators, but let’s see you read this. Heh heh.”

And we’re all, “Jeezeree Blogger! Lighten up.”

And you’re all, “Don’t tell me to lighten up. You lighten up.”

And we’re all, “Whatevs. I’m done anyway.”

And you’re all, “No. Wait. Come back. You got 37 more profile views! Your blog is awesome. What did you have for lunch? Tell us! Don’t go.”

And we’re all, “Hmmm, gofugyourself/boingboing/dooce/mightygoods Click!’

And you’re all, “Wait! I can put you on the blogger start page.”

And we’re all, ” ”

And you’re all, “Hey! Where did you go???”

And we’re all, ” “

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  • girlconqueso says:

    I know this post. I get this post. I love this post.

  • Cherub says:

    And I’m like I LOVE TWINK!

    And yes, I put those BVI pics up correctly I think.

    And I’m DJing a party this weekend.

    Life is rich!

  • Mom101 says:

    It’s satan’s work. Seriously, look for the subliminal messages. For example, in this one you can find the word quaft which as we all know…well yeah, I dont’ even have to say it.

  • Design Mom says:

    This is best thing I’ve read all week. I flub up my secret codes a full 50% of the time.

  • s'mee says:

    Oh sweet mercy! YES! Don’t they know how inferior a person with dislexia feels everytime they try to decipher the fancy schmancy squished lettering???? And YES AGAIN! With a hearty “AMEN SISTAH!” as I see veiled remarks and statements hidden within the coding of these so called “verification”s… I feel somewhat schitsophrenic, hearing the voices in my head tell me things like “frgsslpnt” (frogs sleep in tea!). WIll I have my morning beverage? I think not. And are they getting longer to anyone else but me? egads I need an Excedrin.

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