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I’ll take “Babies in a basket afloat on a river” for $1000, Alex

By April 10, 2006sites to see, thoughts

It seems there’s an Upside Up theme today folks. Did you hear the news? Gwyneth had her baby this weekend. A boy. Named Moses.

Now you have to understand, I’m all in favor of the name Apple. I’ve defended it many times. We have lots and lots of names already in circulation that are also plants and flowers and trees. Just because this is a new variation on a theme doesn’t mean it’s breaking the rules. I mean, come on. The name Ginger is ok? Petunia is ok? Clementine is ok? But Apple isn’t? If we apply the same argument to Moses, we’ve got Jesuses (Hey Zeus — another supreme ruler) all over our barrio neighborhood. That’s ok? Abraham is ok? Noah is ok? But Moses? It just sounds so … mighty.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to show Lucy a picture of him as soon as we’re able to get close enough to take one. Those guards are so frikkin annoying.

(Also, a propos of nothing, I know you’ll all be sad to hear that Bow Wow and Ciara have split. The frailty of love.)

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  • Sarah says:

    Being mostly oblivious to 2006 pop culture, I read that as Bow Wow Wow and Ciara split up.

    Huh. Not the “I Want Candy” people.

  • Laurie says:

    No. I guess not the “I Want Candy” people. But nice 80s reference. I myself am pretty oblivious to the goings on of 2006, which is, I guess, why I found the Bow Wow/Ciara thing blogworthy…

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