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Love Thursday: The Eno River / Photo Friday: Innocence

By October 20, 2006November 12th, 2016love thursday, monkeys, photos

When we were weighing the pros and cons of moving away from Durham, one of the things that was on our cons list that we had no answer for was the Eno River. It essentially runs through the middle of town, it’s vast, it’s got a great variety of trails and destinations (swinging bridges, old defunct pump stations, actual mountains, log cabins, etc) and, as is obvious from this photo, it’s gorgeous. And there aren’t too many mountain lions.

This particular day was a treasure. It was September, yet still warm enough for the girls to strip to their underwear and swim. And the sunlight. Holy cow the sunlight. Veritable columns so solid they almost made ripples in the water. Bob was wading and playing with the girls and I was busy taking over 100 pictures because the atmosphere you see in the picture? That’s exactly how it looked and felt in real life. When I look back at these pictures and think about that day, I feel a reverence that stops just short of my feelings about my wedding day. Which, you know, I kinda liked.

So for Love Thursday (a day late), I present to you: The Eno River.
And for Photo Friday I present to you: Zoe and Lucy playing in the Eno River.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • I love that photo all week long.

    And thanks for your thoughts on weaning. I am impressed that you nursed the girls so long together. (This is one of many things that has me a bit freaked out about parenting multiples, which if we try again is a possibility.) Ada’s response to the weaning has not been quite as laid back as your girls’ was, but we seem to be going ok. We are now down to night nursing, which I will keep up until Chris and I go on vacation in a month.

  • girlconqueso says:

    Wow!!! That is an amazing photo. The sunbeam! It’s downright heavenly.

  • Glennia says:

    Wow! What a beautiful photo. It reminds me of some old painting from the 1920’s by Maxfield Parrish of little woodsprites. Gorgeous photo.

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