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By May 1, 2006sites to see

So, I know each and every one of you clicks on the Breast Cancer Site each and every day, right? Right? I mean, you just go to the site, click on the pink bar on the homepage, and then go about your day. Meanwhile, every time you click, here’s what happens: Your click flies out the back of your computer, travels along your cable or phone lines across town and out onto the information superhighway. Ultimately, your click lands in the huge pile of clicks they gather each month. At the end of the month they deliver all the clicks to the National Breast Cancer Foundation where through a supersecret process of alchemic fusion, they convert the clicks into very high-tech x-ray machines. Then they give them to women who don’t have health insurance.

Don’t you want to be a part of it?

Well there’s more! This month, the month of Mothers, every one of your clicks, like Zoe and Lucy’s original zygote, splits into TWO clicks, thus making this month’s click pile sure-to-be ENORMOUS!

Play today, here’s how!

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