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Secret election

By December 20, 2006spam spam bacon and spam

Did you know there was a vote held on the best stocking stuffer this year? I absolutely did not. And let me tell you, I do feel cheated. I’m still learning about all this Christmas hullaballoo, like do you hang your stockings on Christmas Eve or do you hang them in the weeks leading up to Christmas? or do you leave the Christmas tree on when you leave the house so the world can see how warm your home is when lit solely by mini lights, or do you turn it off in the name of safety? or what is the difference between gifts from Santa and gifts from Mom & Dad?.

All the ritual is new to me. All of it exciting. And all of it mysterious.

And so I ask you — when was this vote held, the one that determined the best stocking stuffer of the YEAR? And how can I get on the mailing list?

Hope your holiday ramping up is going smoothly. Ours is a mess, but at least now I know what stocking stuffers to get.

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  • Bob says:

    More questions, no answers:

    – Why 5 years old and not 4? It is the flying, screaming, or something entirely other?
    – Do you think 95 year olds mind being called children?
    – How will they top this next year? I don’t know if I would be able to resist the “amazing geolocating, sweet-smelling, screaming, flying monkey”

  • Adam Cohen says:

    there was a huge controversy with that election, btw. something about the Fisher-Price voting machines they used.

    hilarious post.

  • allie says:

    I think that’s right up there with the lameness of sock monkeys. Remember those?

  • Susan says:

    oh no!
    I loved the sock monkeys! They didn’t scream at you or fly, but I figure that was a good thing.
    Now if we could get the flying screaming monkey to attack all the talking, singing, dancing Elmo’s something interesting might happen…

  • Irene says:

    we don’t even have stockings!!!!

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