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Sign of the Times

By October 21, 2010announcing, design

Well folks. It’s official. We have been in our LEAP office for a full year now, so we decided “what the heck, let’s put some signs up!”

There are many advantages to being tucked away in our sweet, squat little 1950s building, but we think our clients (and more importantly, our potential clients) will appreciate us making it a little easier to find our office. What can I say, we’re givers.

So now you have no excuse not to visit us. And as soon as the Diamond reopens across the street, just give us a shout as you’re pulling in and we’ll meet you over there!

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  • Maria says:

    Yay for signs! Just curious though – any reason the P leans opposite of the way it does in the logo on your site?

  • UpsideUp says:

    Good catch Maria! We leap both ways! When the mark is used in an open space (like the big white website page), it leaps to the left. When the mark is used in a self-contained space with edges (like our business cards or our signs) it leaps off to the right.

  • Krystyn says:

    I love it! What font is that? I’ve become quite a fan of Tandelle for the skinny letters.

  • UpsideUp says:

    Krystyn – it’s an old font family from my library called “E” The family consists of ETen, EFourteen and ETwentyFive, getting more condensed as the numbers go up. The font was designed by Ann Pomeroy ( but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. The LEAP logo uses ETwentyFive. Thanks for the love – means a lot coming from awesome you.

  • Maria says:

    Well that’s quite fun! Who wants to always leap in the same direction anyway? There’s no adventure and discovery in that. 😉

    Congrats on the new signs.

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