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Signal Cabinet Wraps

By May 22, 2018March 22nd, 2019art, color, design, public art

Charlotte is just beginning to dip its toe in the world of Signal Cabinet wraps and I’m so proud to have created the first ones on display! The first one is in South End, on the corner of South & East Boulevards, right next to Grace Covenant Church. It’s called Intersectional, to pay homage to the crossroads where it is located. Where East meets West, South meets North, haves meet have nots, etc. The art is was created with watercolor and ink.

Laurie Smithwick - Intersectional

Laurie Smithwick - Intersectional


The second one is on the corner of Thomas and Central Ave, next to Workman’s Friend. 2 blocks from my house, so I get to walk by it all the time, which makes me happy. This one was commissioned to go along with the fantastic¬†Can-Do Signs project. It goes with the sign that says, “You can… Do the sidewalk skip!” and is intended to represent people moving in ways that feel like skipping. It’s also a watercolor with digitally integrated hand-drawn sketches.

Laurie Smithwick - Thomas & CentralLaurie Smithwick - Thomas & CentralLaurie Smithwick - Thomas & Central

Hooray for public art!

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