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Simple Cool Gift Wrapping

By December 19, 2016March 14th, 2017make something, step away from the screen, teaching, television, video

Here’s the situation. You’ve got a lot of gifts to give, but not a lot of time for wrapping them all. Still you want them to look beautiful and unique. Is there a way to wrap a bunch of gifts and have them look great?

There is!! I’ve got some great ideas for you, and none of them break the bank or the clock. My friends at Charlotte Today invited me to share some of my gift wrapping ideas on their show last week. Click below to watch.

Here’s the link if the video above doesn’t work for some reason.

My favorite design is the one I didn’t have time to discuss much on air, so I thought I’d elaborate a little bit here. It’s the one with the ombré stars flowing across the box.


Ombré Stars Gift Wrap Design

Creating this design is so super easy you’re not going to believe it. And it works for any type of gifts — not just the holidays.

Here’s what you need:

  • Paint Swatches
  • Star-shaped Paper Punch (or any shape you like)
  • Glue Stick
  • Gift-wrapped gift


Start by gathering paint swatches with colors that you like. Since these swatches present colors in families of tones and shades, they automatically create that cool ombré effect you’re looking for. Grab a bunch — you’ll need a few of each color. And you’ll be happier if you have options.

Then take your paper punch and go to town punching stars out of the paint swatches. Try not to punch over the color name. You probably don’t want that in your stars. Or maybe you do — that’s totally your call. I found if I put the paint swatch in the punch upside down (i.e., flip the punch so you’re looking at the bottom) it made it easier to avoid holes and text and punch exactly where I wanted to.


Once you have all your stars, arrange them on the box (already wrapped in whatever wrapping paper you’ve chosen). Once you’re happy with the layout, just glue those puppies down. Glue stick works great for this — just make sure you’ve got the kind that sticks pretty well. You don’t want the stars falling off before the gift is unwrapped!

And that’s it! Substantive proof that gorgeous gift wrapping doesn’t have to be painful.




What tricks do you have to make gift wrapping marathons more fun? Please share!

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