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sk*rt and digg. sittin in a tree. k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

By June 7, 2007kirtsy, sites to see

sk*rt and digg sittin in a tree. k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

So sk*rt? Going crazy. Thanks to all of you and everyone you’ve told and all those other people. Thanks y’all!

Then? On Tuesday, sk*rt got dugg on digg. Things moved slowly all day, thankfully, but then that night? It went CRAZY. By the time I shut my computer off at 4:30 in the morning, we had made it to the front page, the post had 413 diggs and sk*rt had honorably suffered the digg effect, which means our little site was shut down due to an overdose of traffic. We knew something like this was going to happen given the shared server we had been hosting on, and we were in the process of getting the site moved over to a higher capacity server. But we didn’t expect this to happen on the SECOND DAY OF SK*RT’S EXISTENCE.

So, thanks everyone. I don’t want to go all Sally Field on you, but I do want to tell you how very pleased we all are that you seem to be liking sk*rt. We’ve been working in a bit of a vacuum creating it the past few months, and while we thought we had a good thing, we certainly didn’t know how it would be received. A million times, thank you.

Now, if you haven’t been back, go back! There are contests galore (they are going on all week (you can read about them at the sk*rt blog), and the content of sk*rt just gets more interesting and diverse every day.

Here are some gems I’ve found:

Hopefully those will whet your appetite to go searching for your own stars. Tell me, what have you found on sk*rt?

(Also, please excuse our spotty service as we work furiously to get the site moved over to the new server (thanks LiquidWeb!) The site seems to be going down for a few minutes at a time with frequency — just too many people using it! It should be all fixed soon!)

(Also, I’m stranded on sort of a desert island this week without real internet access to speak of, so that’s why these are more “sum up” posts than “alert – big news” posts.)

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