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Some things, with a happy ending

By September 6, 2006monkeys, sites to see, thoughts
  • Why don’t they make frozen orange juice with pulp? They can make fresh oj that tastes like chalk for cripe’s sake, but they can’t freeze any that has actual fruit in it?
  • When I type words that end in “tion” like education or information, I usually type “tino” instead, like educatino or informatino. So Italian!
  • This is amazingly fascinating and beautiful. This guy Noah took a picture of himself every day for 6 years, then made a video out of all the pictures. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.
  • Have you seen the Citibank identity theft commercical with Thelma and Norma? Talking about the motorcycles? Shoot y’all, it’s funny — the funniest of the series if you ask me. But don’t take my word for it. Here. See for yourself.
  • Last year, Zoe and Lucy didn’t much like being left at school. There was lots of crying. Lots of hugging my legs. Lots of peeling of children off my legs by teachers. We even arranged a “playdate” with one of their teachers in the hopes that Zoe and Lucy would feel more comfortable. It sorta worked. Sorta. Anyway. This morning I’m lying in bed with Lucy and she asks me, “Mama? Is it tomorrow today?” “Ummm, yyyes. I guess it is. Why?” “Mama? Do we get to go to school again today?” “Yes! You do!” Lucy jumps out of the bed, Zoe jumps out of her bed, Lucy cheers, “Yayyyy! ” Zoe cheers, “Yayyyy!” I stare at them. Blink. Blink. Who are you? Later, when I drop them at school, they jump out of the car, blithely tossing me a “Bye Mom!” (so blithe, in fact, that it only barely merited an exclamation point there at the end) as they bounce into their new favorite place.
  • Four year olds. Sheesh.

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